Hi! I am Gillian Crichton

I am a professional Opera singer with a long-lasting love for photography. I work mainly outdoors concentrating on macro portraits and on landscape photography. I like to think of photography as a companion. My fascination with light and shade helps my search for the ideal shot. I can stay in front of a flower for ages if I see a light falling on it in a special way. My experience in macro photography has grown over the years, and thanks to my followers on my Instagram account I have been able to grow in this art form through exchanges and practice. Landscape photography is on the other hand newer to me, and I wish to experiment more in that field in the future. So stay tuned and follow my Instagram account for more wonderful pictures.

My partner in crime is a wonderful Fujifilm x-T4 camera. I started working with Fujifilm a while back after beginnings with a Canon camera and the X-E1.

I hope you enjoy my work. Do send me feedback if you wish, follow my Instagram account, and check my products on the shop page for exclusive and beautiful calendars and prints.