So here it is! Sending my first calendars 2021 out in the world. So far they have been traveling to Belgium, north and south Germany, and to the US.

My first order got me very excited, it was for America: 2 medium calendars and 2 large ones. I couldn’t wait to get them on their way, to the west coast! As things would have it, it wasn’t as simple as planned. Covid affects package sending as well as all the rest. Puh! I had to swallow that pill first: only express packages are allowed nowadays, meaning much higher shipping costs. If the order had only been for medium calendars, it wouldn’t have been a problem as they can be sent as letters… but the large calendars are too large to send that way and have to be mailed as packages. These large calendars are really special and beautiful, and I really did not want my client to miss on them. So we had a chat. After the initial shock, my client was very clear in wanting to stick to her original order saying a phrase which I have now heard a few times: We must support the arts more than ever, and I love your photos! I offered to share the shipping costs, making a more “normal” price, but my client was so adamant in not letting Covid set me back that she would not have it any other way! We agreed, I would make it up by signing the calendars with a personal dedication.

I am so happy and grateful that they are now on their way, so deeply moved by this show of trust in my product. In 5 days the “Flowers for you” calendars 2021 should be at their destination. What a start! Thank you, dear E.M.!

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