Hi There! Good wishes to you all! I hope you are all healthy, safe, and hopefully enjoying some of this January’s snow.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy it when the magic of white falling from the sky covers everything. Last year I didn’t see much of it, it was too warm. This January, however, it has come back. I am truly relishing the view and have taken my camera out there already. Somehow, I am still dreaming of being out in the mountains and taking one shot that truly blows me away. As of yet, that is still a wish. Even with the mountains not being far, I haven’t made it there this year yet.

What I really enjoy is hearing the crunching from my feet and seeing this white color brightening the day. When the snow is so virgin that my steps are the first to mark them, I find it is pure magic. Taking a photo of that has been difficult this year. The lockdown means that everyone needs and wants to go out and enjoy the fresh air in their neighborhood. The Englischer Garten (Munich’s central park) is full of footsteps all over the snow. But the lockdown means also that the more creative spirits are at work and some very funny and interesting snowmen have appeared in the city’s parks. That truly makes up for untouched snow.

I know, we will all get tired of it eventually. Then we will wish for the wonder of spring and the first flowers to come out. No doubt, my camera will be out there again, and I will be going wild clicking away macro flower pictures for next year’s “Flowers for you” calendar. Yet for now, I am truly enjoying experimenting with this white landscape photography frame. It is a wonder over and over again, and as a child, I look on mesmerized. I haven’t had enough of it yet!

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