As autumn sets in and we approach the end of the year season, I just thought I would present you one of my calendars: “Landscapes for you 2022”.

Last year I started selling calendars with two “Flower for you 2021”. Flowers have fascinated me for a while and it seemed logical to use them as my subject. The light, the shape, the close-ups, the beauty, the depth of field, these are all things I work with when photographing flowers. It turned out that “Flowers for you 2021” was a success. This motivated me to bring out new calendars for 2022. This year, I have 3 new versions of “Flowers for you” and one version with seascapes titled “Landscapes for you”. So why did I not just stick with my flowers? Why bring a landscape calendar out as well?

When I realized that the “Flowers for you 2021” were being very well received, I decided I must continue and bring new calendars for 2022. I started taking new pics in the spring with my macro lens. But quickly I noticed, I wish to experiment further with a wider view. I had once tried working with a wide lens before. During a trip to the North of France the previous summer, I had my first trial. It took me a while to understand the wide-angle lens. Let’s be honest my first photos were not quite what I expected. I remember being in Villandry and getting so frustrated that I took out my macro lens and went back to flower close-ups. I found out then, that I needed more time to concentrate on landscape photography.

The opportunity came as I was planning a trip for the summer. Researching about landscape photography I found out what filters are. I packed my tripod, camera, and the rest, and off I went to Crete. I experimented with long exposure and was amazed by some shots, which motivated me to do more. The 4 sunset shots with milky water are the result of that work. It quickly became clear that my focus would stay on the sea. Seascape is a really fascinating type of landscape. The water, the sun, and the land all give an architecture that is so mesmerizing.

So here you have my first “Landscapes for you 2022” with seascapes from Crete! Check it out in my shop, and make sure to order one or two… You won’t regret it!

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