new year's thanks

Happy New Year!

Time for me to give thanks to all faithful followers of Crichton Photography and send best wishes to you all for a beautiful, prosperous, joyful, and healthy new year 2022!!!

I wish to thank especially those of you who have bought calendars from me. Those who have shown trust in my product and given me thus the incentive to continue on this adventure. This is my second year creating calendars for you. This time, I created four calendars with 2 new models: the “Landscape for you” and the “Flowers for you” with writing space. It was a challenge.

Sales were slow at the beginning, new installations on my shop at first not working properly, flyers initially with the wrong print of the QR-code, creating local pick-up for those in Munich, new experiences with Etsy, and so on… It really is learning by doing and did give me quite a few headaches whilst dealing with my actual work as a singer. But now that all the work is done and I am left only with 2 calendars I feel proud and content at mastering the challenges. I’m very happy to say, it was a success!!! All calendars, except for 2 Landscapes, are sold out.

So it really is time to say THANK YOU for your support! I now feel inspired to continue. I already have some ideas. One is: I aim to produce cards at spaced intervals during the year to keep the website going. So, do keep checking. You can mix and match them to get your own choice once more are available.

For now, though, I look forward to just enjoying taking photos.

Keep well, dear friends, and see you soon!

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