Hurrah! The “Flowers for you” and “Landscapes for you” are back. The monthly calendars for 2023 are now ready for you in my shop!

But first things first, seeing it has been ages since I posted anything here, time for an update!


So, what has been happening to Crichton Photography? Well… As some of you know, I started the year by trying out new products and ideas. The obvious start was finding print on demand partners and test them out. I began creating prints on wood, aluminium, canvas and posters and found one partner who convinced me most. My absolute personal hits are the landscapes printed on aluminium and the close ups printed on canvas.

Mobile phone cases

From there, I continued my search to find something a little more out of the box. The result was unexpected and picked up quite fast with my friends. Mobile cases with my macro photographs printed on them. I started with soft cases printed with a very high UV technology, then went on to wallet cases, hard cases and crossbody cases too. I am totally convinced with the result, not only of the printing but also of the quality of the cases. The feed-back has been excellent from all customers so far and I adore my own.

Obviously this work, which I started during the lock-down, is time consuming. Covid is becoming a thing we live with rather than something shutting us down, thank goodness. My main profession and life has picked up again and I therefore can’t create all the models which could be available and set them in my shop. As a result, I very much rely on word of mouth and on direct demands from customers who are looking for a case which isn’t yet on my website. Most of the time I can produce the newly desired model quite quickly. So if you are looking for a mobile phone case which isn’t on the shop page, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


And what’s up now?… well 2023 is approaching fast, and it’s time for my “Flowers for you” and “Landscapes for you”! It is the third year that I create and produce these monthly calendars and though some changes have been made, the basis is the same. Beautiful macro and landscape photographs set in an organic work and printed on high quality paper to bring you warmth, inspiration and light for the new year. The formats vary between A4 and A3 and the paper is different according to the purpose of the calendar (high-quality writeable paper, art thick paper, gloss thick paper).

The “Flowers for you 2023” calendars come in three models:

The “Landscapes for you 2023” calendar is a follow up of last year’s first version. This year I took the opportunity whilst in Lanzarote in the spring to photograph some landscapes of this fascinating island. I decided to print the calendar on a high quality gloss thick paper. This gives the photograph a wonderful depth and bring the colours out beautifully. The motives are a.o. volcanoes, the moon landscape with its black rocks and the sea.

So that’s what has happened this year. Let’s see what comes up next… I look forward to reading your comments and to many more happy customers. Enjoy shopping in my store and keep well! 🙂

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